With Seoul Fashion Week S/S ‘18 kicking off today we thought we’d bring you a lil recap from last season to get all you Eastfeng-ers in the fashion week mood. SFW has been heating up over the past few years as the fashion week to watch and at only seven years old this young underdog is a great way to get your Eastern fashion fix and find yourself ahead of the curve on all the hottest looks for next season.

Who killed it on the Catwalk?

Kye - Kathleen Kye has been pegged as one of Korea’s hottest fashion designers and this season she didn’t disappoint. With a pastel pallet, shaggy fabrics and a streetwear emphasis Kye blends edgy and innocent to produce effortlessly cool style.

D-Antidote - Originally started as a menswear brand D- Antidote has evolved to produce gender fluid collections. Designs for A’17 reflect both Seoul and London style showcasing all the fun of k-pop with a punk edge.

Moohong - With a dark palette and some serious angles Moohong A/W collection needs to be taken seriously. The looks are androgynous and heavily tailored to dramatic effect with the collection centering on monochrome with touches of slate, navy and burgundy.

   KYE                                                        D-ANTIDOTE                                          MOOHONG

vogue.com                                          d-antidote.com                                  nowfashion.com 


Who smashed it on the street?

Pegged as a ‘bright spot on the street style calendar’ by Vogue what’s worn off the catwalk is just as important as whats on. With heavy Punk undertones street style in Seoul is edgy AF and only getting edgier. Bombers, statement prints and ath leisure all featured heavily alongside some awesome accessories with face masks deserving a special shoutout!




With all of this awesomeness to look back on here at Eastfeng we cannot wait to see what Spring/Summer has in store for us!






Everybody look at the moon...

That's right guys, in the famous words/ lyrics of The Mighty Boosh, tonight, everybody look at the Moon...

Why? Because it's Mid-Autumn Festival aka Moon Festival, where, believe it or not, the Moon is at its roundest and brightest of the year. The festive day is always held on the 15 August of the lunar calendar. Yes, ah-huh - lunar, not solar. Solar calendar is the one we now use universally, but did you know before westernisation, us asians had a different way of calculating days and months that is all based on the cycle of the moon's different phases. Confusing, we know but more on this on another post...

Mid-Autumn Festival, a literal translation of 中秋节, pronounced zhong qui jie, is the second biggest celebration in China after Chinese New Year, and here at the Eastfeng Empire, WE LOVE 中秋节 because behind all the traditional festivity, there's also a beautiful ancient folklore that has us feeling hopelessly romantic. The story goes a little like this...

...Once upon a time in a very distant past, ten suns had risen together into the skies and scored the earth, causing unimaginable hardship for the people. A brave archer, Yi, shot down nine of them, leaving just one sun behind, and was gifted an elixir of immortality as a reward by the Queen of Heaven. 

Instead of taking the elixir, Yi hid it at home as the thought of gaining immortality without his beautiful and kind-hearted wife, Chang E, is simply unthinkable and heartbreaking. However, one day while Yi was out hunting, a wicked warrior, Peng, broke into the house and attacked Chang E to give him the elixir. For the good of the people, Chang E refused and with no other option, she drank it.

The moment she took the elixir, she flew out of the window and up into the sky. It was Chang E's great love for her husband that drew her towards the Moon, the closest place to earth from heaven.

On realising what had happened, the broken-hearted Yi spent the rest of his life admiring the moon, and every year at the moon's brightest and roundest, he would bring Chang E's favourite food, fruits and mooncakes, to the alter and offer them as a sacrifice for her. 

Today, in memory of the brave Yi and Chang E, we still keep this ancient tradition that has been dated all the way back in Yan Dynasty (1271 -1368 AD), by admiring the beautiful moon whilst enjoying delicious mooncakes like the one in the picture, made with lotus paste and an egg yolk in the middle (we promise it tastes better than it sounds!).

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival guys and we hope we all find our Yi's and Chang E's!

Eastfeng London

你好 Nihao!

Nihao guys and welcome to our little Eastfeng Empire!

This is our first post and we'd like to say a massive thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out our site. We hope you like it! As you know, we are pretty new on the market so if there's anything faulty, please do let us know and bear with us, we'll look into it immediately and have it fixed asap! 

We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the Eastfeng story from who we are, what we do, to what we're about...

So, surprise, surprise, we are Eastfeng London. East pronounced as /iːst/ (pretty sure you know this one...) and it pays homage to where we are from and where our heritage is fundamentally rooted in. Feng, pronounced as it is spelt, is the English pronunciation for this Chinese character 丰, and it means plenty, an abundance of, and thriving with. So to cut it short, we are thriving, and full of East. 

We are the new e-tailer on the block, dedicated to bringing you the latest affordable styles and trends from the East. We are not talking Hello Kitty and cute pink cartoon prints (although we do have cute pink prints, they are not cartoon though); we're talking clean lines, modern cut and contemporary designs - perfectly versatile for those always on the go, Monday to Sunday, am to pm. 

So what we are about then - 3 things: champion, celebrate, and connect. Champion all things East from culture, traditions, food to fashion and everything else in between; celebrate creative minds through countless collaborations with imaginative individuals; and connect the East and the West, minimise any cultural and race indifferences. 

Our identity, who we are, what we do, and what we are about, is something we are very proud of and is incredibly important to us. We live and breathe our ethos, and stay true and headstrong with what we believe in, which is simply bringing you the the best of East until you, too, are Eastfeng.

If you like who we are, what we do and what we are about, then please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @EastfengLondon to receive regular news and style updates from the East. Don't forget to also join the #EastfengGang by signing up to the e-newsletter for exclusive offers and promotions!

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