we are

EAST : /i;st/
The eastern part of the world - paying homage to where we are from and where our heritage is fundamentally rooted in.

Feng (丰) : fēng
Plenty of, thriving with, an abundance of.

In short, we are thriving with, and full of East. 

Our mission is simple - Champion, Celebrate, and Connect.

  • Champion all things East, from culture, traditions, food to fashion and everything in between
  • Celebrate creative minds through countless collaborations with imaginative individuals
  • Connect the East & the West, minimise any cultural and race indifferences

Through our fashion offerings, social media posts, and news updates, we hope you will also resonate with our mission. 

So a little bit about our products...
They are all sourced and made in Korea - South, not North, don't worry. We focus on three things, and three things only:

  • Everyday - versatile pieces to be worn from a.m. to p.m., Monday to Friday
  • Comfort - to be worn all day, everyday, pieces have to be comfortable
  • Stylish - because we know looking good makes you feel good

Our identity, who we are, what we do, and what we are about, is something we are very proud of and is incredibly important to us. We live and breathe our ethos, and stay true and headstrong with what we believe in, which is simply bringing you the the best of East until you, too, are Eastfeng.

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